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Caffe Nero – Washington Square, Brookline, MA Review

If you build it, they will come. Welcome to Brookline, Caffe Nero The Boston Globe reported this past March on an impending barista shortage in Boston. This is due to a luxury café boom in the city that has left… Continue Reading →

Plum Deluxe Tea Review – Oregon Breakfast

It’s not every day we get a tea with a tale, and the story behind Plum Deluxe is one of loss and love. Founder Andy Hayes started Plum Deluxe as tribute to his mother who lost a long battle with breast… Continue Reading →

Bees Knees Allston Review – Coffee on Tap, Groceries, & Booze? Yes Please!

Allston, MA is such a crazy neighborhood where you can find just about anybody thanks to relatively low rent prices – affluent international students, druggies, young professionals, hipsters. And with that diversity comes a wealth of eateries, grocers, and restaurants that… Continue Reading →

Root Allston Review – Vegan Friendly, Food For Everyone (Closed)

Root Allston Review I spent a hot summer afternoon with fellow blogger and adorable vegan Holly when she and her husband came into town to visit in early August. We wanted to get a delicious breakfast and talk about our… Continue Reading →

Salt & Olive Harvard Square Tour

Official Site | Yelp! If you’re looking for a unique visiting experience or a different kind of gift option, olive oil tasting is definitely something to keep in mind next time you’re in town. The concept of olive oil tasting in the… Continue Reading →

Infused Transformation! Changes coming this fall

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted to this little corner of the internet – it’s always hard to make excuses but the last thing I ever wanted was for this space to go abandoned. Sometimes life happens, sometimes for… Continue Reading →

Guess who’s a barista now? A small infused update!

Hey all! So I know I’ve been incredibly inactive this summer, which is the result of a few things, some major, some minor. I got laid off from my design job back in May (boo!), and have since started working… Continue Reading →

Teavivre’s Superfine Tan Yang Gong Fu Tasting Review

Teavivre’s Superfine Tan Yang Gong Fu | Steepster  Smooth and soothing – easily the top choice of words to describe this delicate black from the popular Fujian province. My favorite characteristic is the pretty contrast of colors – the thin… Continue Reading →

Persimmon Tree Tea Banana Coconut Review

Persimmon Tree Tea – Banana Coconut | Steepster Persimmon’s Banana Coconut was a pleasantly surprising blend that’s sweet and relaxing. Although the name focuses on the fruity flavors, what actually visually dominates the tea are the delicate chamomile flowers which are known to have… Continue Reading →

Shincha Green Tea – What is shincha and why is it such a popular tea?

What is Shincha? Shincha (also shincha, 新茶, “new tea”) refers to the very first harvest of Japanese green tea, some of which is immediately packaged and sold instead of being tossed into cold storage for later sales. Shincha is highly… Continue Reading →

How to brew loose-leaf tea, 101

One of the first existential crises’ newbie tea enthusiasts face is the precipe of the loose-leaf crossover. There you are, standing on the edge looking down at an abyss of infused confusion. Gone are the safety nets of tea bags… Continue Reading →

Coffee Personality Test Graphic – Adorable but falls terribly short

I saw this little chart on my twitter feed and thought it might be one of those cute personality quizzes, but ended up sorely disappointed. The creator is designer  Ryoko Iwata of popular and admittedly adorable coffee blog I Love Coffee based on some research… Continue Reading →

Hario Drip Pot Review – Home Crafted Caffeinated Goodness

My adoration for tea might trump my boyfriend Eric’s  adoration of coffee, a passion fueled by overnight work schedules, but he may be more of connoisseur of caffeine than he gives himself credit for. Eric has a lust for lattes… Continue Reading →

Lupicia’s Tea Review – Momijigari

Lupicia’s Momijigari  | Steepster If tea had a candy flavor, I’d easily use this blend as the basis.. This was gifted to me by a good friend and fellow tea aficionado, Lindsay (aka TokyoAcid), when she saw that I am… Continue Reading →

Hosting A Modern Tea Party

Hosting a Tea Party for Grown Ups in the 21st Century One of the many great things about being an unabashed nerd is that I can have an idea like “Hey, I’m gonna throw a tea party!” and not only… Continue Reading →

Egg in a Basket Recipe – Quick & Easy Breakfast

Quick and easy – all you need is eggs, bread, and a sweet or savory topping of choice! (We used maple syrup here!)

Red Leaf Tea Matcha Review – Eggnog & Caramel

Matcha Outlet (formally Red Leaf Tea) Flavored Matcha – Eggnog & Caramel Talk about mood whiplash! This is the first time I’ve had a tea experience that was both absolutely delightful and downright disappointing. It actually started with the bad!… Continue Reading →

Cardullo’s Harvard Square Review

Cardullo’s Gourmet Shoppe – Harvard Square, Cambridge Harvard Square can be called a lot of things – yuppie central, foodie paradise, hipster collective. One thing you might not expect, though is that it’s also Boston’s tea mecca. As I’ve found… Continue Reading →

Thinking Cup Boston – Review

I have to admit – although my love of tea is historic and maybe a little over-the-top, I hadn’t really gotten around to thinking of coffee as more than just fuel to keep me functional during the work day. This… Continue Reading →

Spices & Tease – White Raspberry Grapefruit & Contest Winners!

A wee late on the announcement, but we’re back on track after the holidays and crazy snow up here in Boston! I would like to extend a big congrats to Val from Ontario, Merin from Utah, and Brandon from New… Continue Reading →

Teavivre’s Anxi Monkey King (Ma Liu Mie) Tie Guan Yin Oolong

Teavivre’s Anxi Monkey King (Ma Liu Mie) Tie Guan Yin Oolong | Steepster I’m really excited to get a chance to try a set of five teas from Teavivre, who specialize in high quality teas from China. I’ll admit that, shamefully,… Continue Reading →

New Years Tea Giveaway!

WELP, I did the thing. You know, when you buy more tea than you can reasonably go through before you need room for the new holiday purchases. So, I implore you, fellow fanatics, to help me undo this thing. For… Continue Reading →

Tea-Stop – Spices & Tease, Grand Central Market, New York

Spices and Tease Working in Midtown so close to tourist traps like Times Square and Grand Central Station can be both a blessing and a curse. Some pros include great scenery, Bryant Park in the summer, and great food everywhere…. Continue Reading →

My Trusty Lil’ Teavana Bamboo Tool Kit

More excuses to play with my camera! Been testing out some backgrounds that I got from an awesome fabric store in Cambridge (Gather Here for those interested – top notch little place!) About the kit – welp, if there’s something… Continue Reading →

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