David’s Tea Organic Bai Hao Yin Zhen | Steepster

This delicious white tea ranks among my favorites both for its wonderful, mild flavor and being utterly photogenic. The high quality leaves are hand-picked in Fujian Province, China and have a lovely, fluffy white coat from being harvested before the buds have opened.

As a more delicate leaf, this tea is sensitive to oversteeping and burning – although given instructions say to steep at 201°F/94°C, I’ve find my own personal preference to steep at ~180°F/82°C for 3-5 mins depending.

The taste is mild and smooth – perfectly delicious on its own but light added sweetness (candied ginger or a splash of vanilla) taste wonderful thrown in. Dairy not recommended.

Caffeine is labeled as medium from the site, so those who have low tolerance shouldn’t consider this a bed-time tea.

Suggested Steeping Instructions: 1.5 tsp  / cup (8oz) | 82°C/180°F | 3-5 Min