More excuses to play with my camera! Been testing out some backgrounds that I got from an awesome fabric store in Cambridge (Gather Here for those interested – top notch little place!)

About the kit – welp, if there’s something I never leave home without if tea’s gonna be involved, it’s this guy. I whip this sucker out pretty much the second I offer a warm cuppa to anybody. It was kind of an impulse buy from Teavana at first, and I’ve sinced added the matcha whisk and teaspoon from David’s Tea matcha kit, axing the original  whisk which I think is pretty lack-luster.

Every other bit of this is useful (the scoop might be negligible for those without matcha on their shelves, though). The spoon is perfect for serving tea or sugar, and the tongs I use both for crystallized ginger or removing hot strainers. The whisk, again,  I can give or take and I’m sure to use the scoop when I’m serving matcha to friends (though laziness certainly wins if I’m alone…).

It’s also just plain pleasant to look at – bamboo is one of my favorite decor materials for being simple and clean, and pretty sturdy as far as use with hot tea, getting wet, and being dropped (a lot).

What sort of tools do you guys use a lot, or perhaps couldn’t tea without?