A wee late on the announcement, but we’re back on track after the holidays and crazy snow up here in Boston!

I would like to extend a big congrats to Val from Ontario, Merin from Utah, and Brandon from New York who are the winners for the New Years 2014 tea giveaway! These lucky lads and lasses will start the new year with some great sample packs, and I really hope you guys enjoy them as much as I have.

Now, on to the review!

Spices & Tease – White Raspberry Grapefruit  | Steepster

If you’re a fan of gentle, fruity blends, then this tea will certainly hit all the right spots. I’m a huge fan of white teas in general for their naturally sweet and mild flavors. A splash of berries and citrus complements white tea well.

While the white raspberry grapefruit was more of a consolation prize on my last visit to Spices & Tease, it was certainly a pleasant one to get and I was not disappointed.

Both the smell and taste are mild, with the white tea flavors being slightly more prominent, and the fruits adding a pleasant accent. The body is smooth and light, and it brews a warm yellow.

Leaves are medium sized and have little expansion, so they can be brewed in most steepware.

Suggested Steeping Instructions: 1.5 tsp/c | 80°C/175°F | 2-4 Min