My adoration for tea might trump my boyfriend Eric’s  adoration of coffee, a passion fueled by overnight work schedules, but he may be more of connoisseur of caffeine than he gives himself credit for.

Eric has a lust for lattes and is always on the hunt for a great cup – his knowledge of Boston area cafés is pretty impressive. So naturally, this past holiday season I  got him a preciously tiny Hario drip pot, an upgrade from the re-usable K-cup filter and tin of his favorite coffee brand that I gave him for his birthday a few months previous (accidentally got him decaf – that’s a whole other story).

The pot was a lot smaller than I expected – when the box was sneakily shipped to my office I was actually pretty surprised at its size. But it still makes the perfect cup + a wee extra, and that wee tends to be just enough for me who notoriously can’t get through a full cup of anything in any reasonable amount of time.

It’s beautifully crafted, though – simple, precise, and extremely attractive to look at. I’d expect nothing less from Japan, to be honest. I can’t say anything negative – it’s nice a really nice piece of hardware.

I asked Eric what he thought:

“I’m satisfied! It makes great coffee and gives me a little ritual to partake in.”

And I have to agree. The coffee you get from making it in a drip pot is freaking delicious. It’s a total breakaway from the methodical mindless “throw in the pod” or “throw in a scoop and press on” most of us are used to. Of course, since he wakes up several hours before work he has the luxury of taking his time to make  coffee – but that ritual is part of what makes it so great.

Over the past few months there’s been a lot of experimenting with how fine or coarse the grind, how much water, how much coffee, etc. But that’s always been half the fun. He enjoys the process, and I enjoy watching him go about his business.

General consensus – the drip pot is perfection if not a little small. He might have favored the larger size, and he did replace the included cloth filter with easily disposable paper ones, but otherwise we’re both really happy with it.