Persimmon Tree Tea – Banana Coconut | Steepster

Persimmon’s Banana Coconut was a pleasantly surprising blend that’s sweet and relaxing. Although the name focuses on the fruity flavors, what actually visually dominates the tea are the delicate chamomile flowers which are known to have a calming effect. This is a rooibos, not herbal, and mixed with the banana and coconut it makes for a very light bodied, aromatic brew  that’s a great evening or after dinner drink.

Banana Coconut does extremely well without any additives – it’s naturally but not overwhelmingly sweet, and smells AMAZING. I happily kept the extra tea warm with a tea-candle to keep my room smelling  great while I took photos and took tasting notes. It brews a lovely light caramel color and tastes great iced.

One thing to take note on is that the difference in sizes for all the ingredients causes much of the blend to separate – the tiny rooibos leaves settle at the bottom of the slender tin while the chamomile flowers make their way to the top. It might take some finagling and outside mixing to get the blend truly mixed for the right experience!

Suggested Steeping Instructions: 1.5 tsp/8oz | 93°C/200°F | 3-5 Min