Hey all!

So I know I’ve been incredibly inactive this summer, which is the result of a few things, some major, some minor.


Barista in her natural habitat! Photo by Eric Kaminsky Sr.

I got laid off from my design job back in May (boo!), and have since started working at… Starbucks! Which has been an incredibly rewarding and fun job so far. It’s given me access to knowledge about coffee (and even tea!) which I haven’t had before, which are some major pros. I have a ton of ideas and half-written articles (the good stuff) inspired by what I’ve learned since working here.

The downside is— well, a lack of downtime. When I was working at the office we’d often have lulls where I could work on editing photos and writing. Being a barista, I obviously don’t have that opportunity and being on my feet for 6-9 hours a day can be exhausting.

I’m also moving right now, literally, (and there was a scare during the 2 weeks of being jobless where I was worried I wouldn’t be given a lease) so I was very much pre-occupied with those issues.

Lastly, summer is just not a big tea-drinking time for me – even iced tea. Which is totally faulty on my part, and I know I should be ashamed!

In either case – I have a ton of samples sent to me by some great companies that I have queued up for photos and review as soon as I am set up at my new place. My lightbox and photography equipment are on top of my list for unloading.

In the meantime, I’m going to be doing a few little tweaks to the site to include more talk about coffee and being a barista to lump in with tea. I’m working on my Starbucks passport, the first step to being a coffee master which is basically tasting our entire collection of coffee…oiiii. We’llalso  be serving Teavana loose leaf in place of Tazo soon. I know people have mixed feelings about Teavana, and I’ve never been shy about my distaste for their their selling methods. I’m hoping carrying the teas at Starbucks stores will be the first of many (much needed) steps to improving Teavana’s general reputation and service.


So. Much. Caffeine.

Anyway, that’s the skivvy! I’m sorry for being slow with updates – especially to the companies who have sent me tea to cover. Those will be out very soon!

Cheers, and happy drinking!