It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted to this little corner of the internet – it’s always hard to make excuses but the last thing I ever wanted was for this space to go abandoned. Sometimes life happens, sometimes for better or for worse, and priorities change. A lot of us know that well.

This blog from conception to reality has always been one of my happiest places online. It’s never been the most popular or visited of my blog projects – in fact I embarrassingly must admit it’s probably last on that list in terms of volume. But it was always the blog that brought me more contentment than any of the others.

While I held an office job with some downtime and a set schedule, it allowed me to be better at multi-tasking and updating often. Swapping to an active job with no computers and always being on my feet made that harder. I’d get home late, tired, and stressed. Another job swap later and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in a career – but it’s still an active job that has no down-time.

While this sounds kind of like a goodbye, I’m actually here to say the opposite – it’s not.

I’ve been re-thinking lately how much I miss writing and blogging and decided to give it another solid go – but with a more realistic and centralized focus, one that I can keep up with much better and more consistently.

The plan is to transform the tea-and-sort-of-coffee subject into a Boston-centric documentation of food and drink adventures, with a little travel thrown in. The cafe-crawl will still be central, and tea reviews will pick back up as well as musings about the culture of coffee, tea, food, how they intertwine with each other, and where they fit in the lives of active adults in vibrant and diverse cities.

What this means is I’ll be re-absorbing the dead-on-arrival attempt to spin-off a food blog with another area foodie, axing home-recipes in favor of less structured experiments and adventures, and focus on the stuff that fits organically into my life.

I’m really excited about the upcoming changes, to flex both my writing and photography skills again, and share the thrilling and vibrant Boston Food and Drink culture that every resident or visitor should experience.

More updates soon, and until then, thank you for the patience, to all the wonderful tea aficionados that sent me samples to review (wayyy more of those to come!), and the small but wonderful community that I get to call home.