Root Allston Review

I spent a hot summer afternoon with fellow blogger and adorable vegan Holly when she and her husband came into town to visit in early August.

We wanted to get a delicious breakfast and talk about our mutual love of food and blogging, and it was an easy choice to hit up Root which was close by to my apartment. There’s this small pocket of Allston’s Union Square that’s been home to a handful of vegan / vegetarian spots, most notably Grasshopper which is American-Chinese and FoMu, a vegan ice cream shop and café. What’s great about this particular area was that all the shops subscribe to the idea that their food isn’t just for vegans or vegetarians, but rather crafted to be appealing to everyone. And as an omnivore myself, it definitely rings true.

Root, which replaced a vegetarian pizza shop about 2-3 years ago, wasn’t so specialized in niche and instead focused on preparing a limited but delicious menu to cater to meatless / animal-product-free meals. I’d always been a huge fan of their dishes – everything was tasty, balanced, and filling. This brunch visit was no exception. Holly, James, and myself made ourselves comfy in their charmingly decorated, albeit tiny space, and each ordered vastly different plates. I got a kale / tofu scramble that came loaded with red onions and sweet potatoes as a side. Holly got the vegan pancakes and James got a breakfast burrito. They also got green smoothies to get their veggies in for the day.

My scramble was amazing. It was deliciously flavored and very filling – all around extremely satisfying without making me feel bloated like I sometimes do with carb-heavy traditional breakfasts. Holly and James were both happy with their meals as well, although the smoothies weren’t as spectacular as they had hoped!

I was sad to find out that Root closed down not long after we paid a visit. A little digging provided little information as to why, as the restaurant was posting about upcoming specials on social media only days previous. What I did find is that the space was taken over by next-door neighbor Roxy’s owner and will continue to offer non-animal-based food with a new fast-casual style. While I’m sad to see Root go, I’m eager to see what the new shop will bring.