It’s not every day we get a tea with a tale, and the story behind Plum Deluxe is one of loss and love. Founder Andy Hayes started Plum Deluxe as tribute to his mother who lost a long battle with breast cancer. His dedication to putting heart into the blends is obvious – you can always taste a little bit of the love artists put into their work, and Andy’s tea blends are no exception.

I was beyond honored to be given a few samples to try and note here on the blog as someone who is very close to her own mom. I decided to start with Oregon Breakfast, named for the state which Plum Deluxe calls home!

Plum Deluxe Oregon Breakfast | Steepster

I’ll admit when I went to try Oregon Breakfast for the first time, I somewhat expected a profile that matched the fragrance of English Breakfast or Earl Grey. I was pleasantly surprised by a much milder, naturally sweet flavor that fills the senses with warmth.

By mixing black tea with the calm sweetness of honeybush, Oregon Breakfast doesn’t carry the strong boldness you’d expect from a high-energy black, but rather a gentle pick-me-up with notes of hazelnut and light citrus. A great early afternoon tea – perhaps before lunch – for a boost without overwhelming the senses.

This tea doesn’t need additives – it’s flavorful on its own and any added dairy or sugar I believe would take away from this wonderfully curated blend.

Suggested Steeping Instructions:
1tbs/3g  – 1cup/6oz/ | 100°C/212°F | 1-3 Min