Truffle Shots, Essex Ct. – Chocolate lovers dream.

  Let’s pretend for a moment that, for whatever reason, you find yourself  in middle-of-nowhere Connecticut, a.k.a. Downtown Essex. And you get hit by an insane chocolate craving with the fury of 10,000 pulsars. Well, then, you’d be in luck because there’s this awesome little place called Truffle Shots that quite literally exclusively deals in […]


Griswold Inn Review- Unexpected New England Adventure

Griswold Inn Review Official Site! | Yelp! Place: The Griswold Inn Culture: New England, Traditional American, Taproom Meal: Dinner Location: 36 Main Street Essex, CT Price: $$$ Ah, Connecticut. A beautiful state of coastal beaches, marinas, mountains, and history. If only its entertainment value could be matched by its looks… I had a small business trip […]

Taste of Times Square, 2011

Taste of Times Square 2011 Review

Taste of Times Square Review The great thing about summer in NY is that there’s room to be whimsical with the never-ending array of things to do. Working in midtown has its perks; sure the place is bogged down by tourists at any given point in time, but, the offset is that there’s always something […]