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Infused Transformation! Changes coming this fall

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted to this little corner of the internet – it’s always hard to make excuses but the last thing I ever wanted was for this space to go abandoned. Sometimes life happens, sometimes for better or for worse, and priorities change. A lot of us know that well. This […]


Guess who’s a barista now? A small infused update!

Hey all! So I know I’ve been incredibly inactive this summer, which is the result of a few things, some major, some minor. I got laid off from my design job back in May (boo!), and have since started working at… Starbucks! Which has been an incredibly rewarding and fun job so far. It’s given […]


Coffee Personality Test Graphic – Adorable but falls terribly short

I saw this little chart on my twitter feed and thought it might be one of those cute personality quizzes, but ended up sorely disappointed. The creator is designer  Ryoko Iwata of popular and admittedly adorable coffee blog I Love Coffee based on some research from the book The You Code. Allegedly these conclusions are based on the body language […]


Hosting A Modern Tea Party

Hosting a Tea Party for Grown Ups in the 21st Century One of the many great things about being an unabashed nerd is that I can have an idea like “Hey, I’m gonna throw a tea party!” and not only do people not think twice about it, they actually sign up to come. Since moving […]


New Years Tea Giveaway!

WELP, I did the thing. You know, when you buy more tea than you can reasonably go through before you need room for the new holiday purchases. So, I implore you, fellow fanatics, to help me undo this thing. For my first give-away on InfusedMusings, I’ve put together three sample packs from my personal stash […]


Temple Mountain Tea Flavor Wheel

Temple Mountain Tea Flavor Wheel – sign up for their newsletter to get a hi-res printable version! Beautiful graphic, one of my favorite flavor wheels to date.


Can Starbucks’ Strategy Save Teavana’s Image?

Teavana’s Rough History Teavana, for many a budding tea-nerd, served as a gateway drug into this wonderful world of infused delight. But the boutique tea-shop had a dark side – it was no secret that their pushy business practices served to be a huge turn off that drove away customers, old and potential, in scores. […]

19 Lessons On Tea

Book Review – 19 Lessons on Tea – Kindle Edition

Price: $2.99 on Amazon Pages: 104 Reading Time: Approx. ~ 1.5-2 hours Overall Rating: 4/5 Readability: 3/5 Information: 4.5/5 Before reading 19 Lessons… I thought myself fairly knowledgeable about the fundamentals of tea. Not to say I’m anywhere near an expert, but I was pleasantly surprised that this book offered me some more insight than […]


Introducing Infused Musings! A tea blog of epic persuasion!

Hello, interwebs! Infused Musings was a long time coming – although my for-ray into food blogging met a rather dismal halt, as a connoisseur of all things camellia sinensis, I’m more than a little excited to finally hone in on a subject matter that I have a passion for and the means to keep blabbering on about. […]


Chicken Empanadas Recipe, New-Yo’Rican style.

Chicken Empanadas Recipe This is a favorite Latin meat-pie dish, and comes in several varieties all across the Caribbean world. Most of the Islands have a version of this and the name varies as well. In America they are commonly known as empanadas! My family being pretty New Yor’ican, we call them pastelillos. My mom went […]