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David’s Tea Organic Bai Hao Yin Zhen Review

David’s Tea Organic Bai Hao Yin Zhen | Steepster This delicious white tea ranks among my favorites both for its wonderful, mild flavor and being utterly photogenic. The high quality leaves are hand-picked in Fujian Province, China and have a lovely, fluffy… Continue Reading →

Ink n Drink Review – Heat-sensitive marker may keep you safe from scalds!

So you know that scenario – it’s 7Am and against the will of the gods themselves, somehow you’ve rustled yourself out of bed, into office clothes, and managed to make that zombie look damn fabulous for the day. You hop… Continue Reading →

Temple Mountain Tea Flavor Wheel

Temple Mountain Tea Flavor Wheel Beautiful graphic, one of my favorite flavor wheels to date. SaveSave

Can Starbucks’ Strategy Save Teavana’s Image?

Teavana’s Rough History Teavana, for many a budding tea-nerd, served as a gateway drug into this wonderful world of infused delight. But the boutique tea-shop had a dark side – it was no secret that their pushy business practices served… Continue Reading →

Harney & Sons – Soho Blend Review & Photos

Harney & Sons – Soho Blend Review Type: Black Flavor: Tropical, Strong Body: Bold Aroma: Sweet Bitterness: 1 / 5 Caffine: n/a Multi-Steep Rating  – 2/3 – 1 Steep – 5 Minutes – 2 Steep – 3 Minutes – 3 Steep – 3 Minutes  Dairy: yes Sweeteners:  yes Review:… Continue Reading →

Tea-Stop – David’s Tea, Downtown Boston

David’s Tea Boston Review I’m gonna start this out with a major warning – J’ai un problème. I have a total hard-on for David’s Tea. I’m not even ashamed to admit that this place gives me funny feelings, and I’m… Continue Reading →

Book Review – 19 Lessons on Tea – Kindle Edition

Price: $2.99 on Amazon Pages: 104 Reading Time: Approx. ~ 1.5-2 hours Overall Rating: 4/5 Readability: 3/5 Information: 4.5/5 Before reading 19 Lessons… I thought myself fairly knowledgeable about the fundamentals of tea. Not to say I’m anywhere near an… Continue Reading →

Tea-Stop – Harney & Sons, SoHo, New York

“You don’t know what ya got ’til it’s gone”, they say. Or, in my case, ’til I’m gone. Some backstory. Having been raised in the satanic headquarters commonly referred to as Central Jersey, like many of my fist-pumping brethren, my… Continue Reading →

David’s Tea -Coco Chai Rooibos Review

David’s Tea Coco Chai Rooibos ReviewType: Rooibos,  Herbal,  Flavor: Spicy, Fruity Body: Medium Aroma: Mild Bitterness: 1 / 5 Caffeine: None Dairy: No Sweeteners: Optional

Introducing Infused Musings! A tea blog of epic persuasion!

Hello, interwebs! Infused Musings was a long time coming – although my for-ray into food blogging met a rather dismal halt, as a connoisseur of all things camellia sinensis, I’m more than a little excited to finally hone in on a subject… Continue Reading →

Truffle Shots, Essex Ct. – Chocolate lovers dream.

  Let’s pretend for a moment that, for whatever reason, you find yourself  in middle-of-nowhere Connecticut, a.k.a. Downtown Essex. And you get hit by an insane chocolate craving with the fury of 10,000 pulsars. Well, then, you’d be in luck… Continue Reading →

Ginger Root – Down to Earth Suburban Asian Fusion

Ginger Root – Newton, MA Review Official Site | Yelp! Place: Ginger Root Culture: Asian Fusion Location: 136 Adams Street  Newton, MA 02458 Meal: Lunch, Dinner Price: $$ Other: Delivery, catering One fundamental truth about food spots is that a good chunk,… Continue Reading →

Griswold Inn Review- Unexpected New England Adventure

Griswold Inn Review Official Site! | Yelp! Place: The Griswold Inn Culture: New England, Traditional American, Taproom Meal: Dinner Location: 36 Main Street Essex, CT Price: $$$ Ah, Connecticut. A beautiful state of coastal beaches, marinas, mountains, and history. If only… Continue Reading →

Taste of Times Square 2011 Review

Taste of Times Square Review The great thing about summer in NY is that there’s room to be whimsical with the never-ending array of things to do. Working in midtown has its perks; sure the place is bogged down by… Continue Reading →

Chicken Empanadas Recipe, New-Yo’Rican style.

Chicken Empanadas Recipe This is a favorite Latin meat-pie dish, and comes in several varieties all across the Caribbean world. Most of the Islands have a version of this and the name varies as well. In America they are commonly… Continue Reading →

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